Concrete is in high demand

Concrete is the world’s highest volume manufactured material, with three tonnes of concrete used per person, per year.

Well over 2.5 million cubic metres of concrete is produced annually, just in Western Australia.

Traditional concrete is a mixture of Ordinary Portland Cement, fine aggregates (sand), coarse aggregates (gravels), water, and air, sometimes with additives such as plasticisers and colourants.

Traditional concrete uses vast amounts of energy due to the high temperatures required in its production.

Colliecrete_vast quantities

There's a better way

Geopolymer cement (GPC) is an innovative masonry binder. It is a construction material made from alkali activated pozzolanic materials, resulting in a binding material with very good physical and mechanical properties and durability, and can be used  in place of Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) in the manufacture of concrete.

Flyash has been long been added as a beneficial supplement in traditional concrete, but the innovative manufacture of geopolymer cement and geopolymer concrete goes one step further, employing flyash as the main active binding ingredient rather than just as a supplement.