Meet the Team

The Colliecrete project is funded by the WA State Government Royalties for Regions Scheme.

Our team consists of academics, subject experts and support staff.

David Beyer


David Beyer

David Beyer, Principal of ActiveSustainability, is a sustainability consultant working in the application of sustainability within the development sector, including organisational development and capacity building programs, and project development solutions.

He has a proven track record of developing and managing the implementation of project-based sustainability initiatives.

Martin Anda 2016


Dr Martin Anda

Martin is an environmental engineer who started his career in  construction at Worsley Alumina and on Muja Power Station upgrades, followed by 35 years of working on a wide array of sustainable urban design projects.

Martin is chair of the Environmental Engineering program at Murdoch University and is excited to be be back in Collie to develop a new industry using flyash for geopolymer concrete.

James Lush

Head of Media & Communications

James Lush

Combined with a Masters in Psychology, James has 25 years of media experience with both the BBC and ABC.

He has his own content production agency and works with senior leaders on all aspects of transformation. 

profile photo 2021

Stakeholder Engagement Officer

Kathy Miller

Kathy is an industrial chemist who has lived and worked in Collie for the last 15 years.

She has extensive experience in diverse scientific fields, including 11 years in power station chemistry, and a passion for communication of information to all sorts of audiences.

Ramon Skane


Ramon Skane

Ramon is an Environmental Engineer who has been involved in numerous projects researching water issues throughout Western Australia; commissioning Photovoltaic Reverse Osmosis (PVRO) systems in regional WA and southern India; and low-carbon geopolymer concrete research innovations aimed at transitioning Collie towards a greener and more sustainable future.



Hendrik Gildenhuys

Hendrik is an Environmental Engineer graduate from Murdoch University.

He has a few years experience as a formwork carpenter, which combined with knowledge gained throughout his studies has led to the strong drive to be involved in establishing a new geopolymer concrete industry in Collie.